Nozoki Ana

I really had no clue about this show before watching it. I was looking for Nozo x Kimi and just entered Nozo as the search and this came up too. Since it was an OVA I just decided to watch it too. I did not know what I was in for.

The show is a look into the world of voyuerism. Kido Tatsuhiko moved to Tokyo to go to art school and start a new life. Then one day he notices a hole in his wall. He didn’t see anything until one night he saw a girl changing in front of the hole. Ikuno Emiru is that girl, a perverted voyeur who tries to blackmail him into her voyeurism fetish. While Kido doesn’t willingly go with the plan, he learns more and more about voyeurism.

The ecchi goes beyond ecchi. I’d call it hentai really though it’s not as explicit as some but it’s more explicit than most ecchi. Imagine The Testament of Sister New Devil without the censoring, maybe even a little further than that but not Swing Out Sisters explicit. Kite is listed as hentai and only has one or two scenes that would be called that so I guess this one is in that realm too though it has about 5-6 scenes. There’s also an almost rape scene which will probably get the attention of just about anyone. It’s just so….

It’s an hour long OVA so it won’t take much time to watch from beginning to end but you’ve been warned on the explicit content. I am tagging it hentai because of a few scenes, not just the almost rape. That’s why my score on this is more for overall work on the show, story, etc. excluding that content. I’m okay with ecchi stuff but when it crosses into the hentai realm. Just not my thing. Nozo x Kimi is actually based on Nozoki Ana but it’s a much much more tame show with no hentai-ish moments.


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