My Wife is the Student Council President (Okusama ga Seito Kaichō!)

This show is the first from the summer 2015 season to finish, not to be confused with My Wife is a High School Girl from 2005. I will always watch the short shows, sometimes even if they’re terrible. Since this show runs about 8 minutes or so per episode, I gave it a chance.

Hayato Izumi runs for student council president at his new school but ends up losing to Ui Wakana. Ui is a ball of perkiness and pledges to liberate love on campus while Hayato is a more conservative candidate. All is not lost for Hayato, he does become the vice president of the council. Soon after the election, Hayato learns that Ui is his arranged fiancee and they start living together. He has to keep this a secret from the school, the all female student council and also fend off the romantic advances by Ui who makes it hard to ignore her. Life gets even more complicated when the discipline council head and the school nurse, who are sisters, move in next door.

While the production value is pretty good, the show feels rushed but they didn’t have much time to do much with it. The problem is that you have some coherency and then it jumps to a completely different place. All somewhat related but not related at the same time. Then you have sections that are played out with cardboard cutouts. Those are the “intimate” scenes. They could have implied what was going on and then fast forward to another scene or something.

It just felt incomplete where My Wife is a High School Girl felt a lot more finished. It’s okay if you have time to burn, otherwise it’s passable.



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