Rampo Kitan: Game of Laplace

This was the first show from the summer 2015 schedule that I said I was all in on because it was a mystery show. Mystery and thrillers will always draw me in but unfortunately the show has several flaws that came through very early on.

The story starts out in a middle school where several murders take place. A boy named Kobayashi becomes the main suspect. Kobayashi is a kid who’s detached from everything and everyone so he makes a perfect fall guy. But when Kobayashi meets Akechi, he takes an interest in him and volunteer’s to be Akechi’s assistant to solve the murder that may land him in jail.

The stories start to shift very fast after the first case which is part of the problem. The first one is solved in 2 episodes then the next ones are 1 episode until you get to the end which is several episodes to the case. Pacing is just way off, especially for an 11 episode season.

The other issue I have is the characters. The cops I guess are okay, they seem like cops from the 80s and 90s shows where they act all cool and gritty. They add in some tropes and all that which is fine too. The two kids are a bit off. Kobayashi is an 11 year old and a very effeminate kid too, as you can see by the photo with this post. Then his best friend is Hashiba who seems to have feelings for him. Just seems to be a little young to have those type of things but maybe it’s just me.

When this show started off, I was all in but it just went downhill from there. They rushed EVERYTHING. The first 4-5 episodes they tried to ram a full mystery into each one and it just didn’t work. Towards the end, things got spaced out but the story and show went down so fast that they just couldn’t save it. This was a dud in terms of mystery shows. Very disappointing.


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