Sol Bianca: The Legacy

Sol Bianca: The Legacy is a miniseries from 1999. It’s loosely based on the original Sol Bianca. As a matter of fact, it looks like it takes place BEFORE the original. It’s a different storyline from the original so don’t expect any open plotlines to be closed or anything like that if you were waiting for it.

The setting for the show is thousands of years in the future. A future where mankind has abandoned Earth. The ladies of Sol Bianca are up to their usual pirating antics until one day a young girl stows away on the ship (how is the Sol Bianca always a place for stowaways). This event leads the Sol Bianca on a quest to find the girl’s parents and also discover the lost treasures of Earth, the planet left behind.

The Legacy still has the same cyberpunk feel and look to it. In these 6 episodes you get to know the ladies a little better and see some personal insight into their history. While the first few episodes seem like standalones, the last 3 are tied together. Definitely stays in the same vein as a Cowboy Bebop type of show with the dystopian future and leaving Earth, down to the way the episodes are put together.

While The Legacy does go in a different direction from the original OVA, it still has some of the same elements that makes this show good. Whether you watch this first or the 2 part OVA, you won’t be lost since the continuity isn’t there, they tell a different story. Legacy is almost a complete retelling of the story since the events seem to take place before the original. I enjoyed the show and hopefully you will too.


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