Steel Angel Kurumi

Steel Angel Kurumi is one I watched long ago, I remembered liking the show so I watched it again. Kurumi is a character that you don’t forget about. She’s goofy, loveable and overbearing all at the same time.

The show takes place in the 1920s, a time of war across the world. But the story of Nakahito and Kurumi has a much more innocent beginning. Nakahito was pressured by his friends to go into a house that was rumored to belong to a mad scientist. While in the house, he came across a very lifelike doll but she was inanimate at the time. This doll is Kurumi. The Japanese army attacks the house while Nakahito’s in there and during the attack, the doll fell over. Nakahito tries to protect the doll in the attack and ends up kissing her which brings her to life. What Nakahito didn’t know is that the army is after Kurumi which leads to their various adventures.

Nakahito is the main character who is a little…dumb? That might not be the right word but you know how teenage boys sometimes don’t understand the things going on around them? Common thread in anime but they take different steps in how it’s portrayed. To me he seems more dumb than innocent but he is at that stage where boys aren’t sure if they like girls in a romantic way I guess. Kurumi on the other hand, is a very very sweet, very loving, very goofy, yandere character but she can be dumb as a sack of rocks at times too. Full on pink hair trope and she’s not afraid to flaunt it. She reminds me of Yurika from Martian Successor Nadesico. It isn’t until much later that her and Nakahito truly understand their roles in each other’s lives.

Steel Angel Kurumi doesn’t really stand the test of time. It’s a show that takes place in the 1920s as it is, so it can seem very dated. But the show was popular and got a 2nd season plus a “3rd” which was only a few episodes. There was even a live action adaptation. The show is broken up into 15 minute episodes and when you take out the opening, ending, etc. you’re left with about 10 minutes of show so the 24 episodes won’t take you very long to get through. Since they seem to remake some of the popular series, maybe Kurumi will get some love.


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