Akikan (Empty Can)

Have you ever dreamed of getting a drink from a vending machine and a girl popped out of the can? Yeah, I haven’t either but it happened to Kakeru Daichi. He bought a can of melon soda and as he was drinking it, a girl happens to appear. These girls are known as “akikans”.

The Akikans were created as part of a corporate campaign to figure out if steel or aluminum cans are better. This campaign is known as the “Akikan Elect” where the girls are pitted against each other in actual combat. To win the Akikan Elect, they have to take out the others akikans. The akikans are equipped with special powers to help them defeat their foes.

They really just called it in when it came to names. The first Akikan is Melon, yes she was melon soda. Then there’s Yell, a sports drink named Yell. Boduko was different and you have to wonder if it’s because she was named by a little girl who took her in right away and not a teen who was confused and not as accepting. The akikans are empty shells at first but as time goes on, they develop personalities thanks to their owners. The characters of the show besides the akikans are pretty entertaining even if they are somewhat generic.

Despite the ridiculous premise, it’s an okay little anime. You’ll get a few laughs out of the show. No I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone but if you have a few hours then maybe Akikan can fill your time.


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