Actually I Am (Jitsu wa Watashi wa)

Actually I Am will draw comparisons to Rosario + Vampire because the main girl is a vampire and the male protagonist is a weak male who doesn’t ‘get it’. But there are big differences in the 2 shows.

Asahi Kuromine is the male character I spoke of, the one who doesn’t ‘get it’. But he also has another issue, he can’t keep a secret. Then he stumbles upon what could be the biggest secret in his life, a classmate named Yoko Shiragami is in a classroom and she happens to have a large pair of bat wings coming out of her back. Asahi now knows that Yoko is a vampire and if her father finds out that someone knows her secret, then she can no longer go to a normal human school.

Kuromine is afraid to tell Yoko what he thinks and Yoko is like an airhead times 3. The intereactions between her and Kuromine leave you wanting to knock their heads together. But Yoko isn’t the only monster/alien at the school. Kuromine ends up finding out about the others in the same accidental way. There’s an alien, a 2 gender werewolf, a demon who runs the school and others who are mostly after Kuromine. Obviously wouldn’t be a harem if they weren’t.

In terms of art, music and all that, the show sits right around average at best. I’m trying to think of something about the show that stands out but I can’t think of anything. Not that being average is a bad thing when it comes to harem comedies because it’s the actual situations and interactions that make those shows what they are.

Overall it’s just an okay show. Not great in any area but not bad in any area. It’s a typical harem show with a main girl who you either like or dislike and several others who they make you wish was the main girl. It’ll get compared to Rosario + Vampire because the obvious vampire but that’s pretty much where the comparisons stop.



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