Overlord (Ōbārōdo)

Overlord and Gangsta were my most anticipated shows of the summer. It was really just the names. Gangsta and Overlord. It just sounds like a ton of action and asses getting kicked which they both were.

The show is set in the world of Yggdrasil, an MMORPG that is being shut down. Momonga is one of the last players left after the servers are shut down and when he goes to log out, he’s stuck in the game. So what would you do if you were locked in and no way out but you were a top level player? The first thing that should come to your mind is take over the world which is now your reality and rule it with an iron fist and that’s just what he plans to do.

Momonga decides to venture out into the world to take it over and he takes on the name Ains Ooal Gown. He may be locked in the game but instead of going insane or panicking, he remains calm and simply takes over his guild and all the NPCs also. While Ains Ooal Gown may be like a level 100, he takes on low level jobs in an attempt to get people on his side. He not only wants to rule, he wants to rule and have the people on his side instead of being an evil dictator who people try to assassinate. He’s definitely an interesting lead character who has flaws and isn’t afraid to admit it.

And who could forget Albedo. Her interactions with Ains Ooal Gown are just priceless. In a show that is mostly serious, she changes the mood quickly when she’s with him. She’s sweet and caring whenever it comes to him, so much so that he had to turn her personality settings down. Albedo is his creation and she would give her life for him. She is also the strongest of the NPC guardians that he has in Nazarick. Albedo’s serious, flirty, overprotective, caring, jealous, and strong, all wrapped up in a uniquely beautiful package and she definitely leaves an impression. While everyone else bows down in his presence, she’s the only one who is always in his face and makes him feel awkward. I doubt any of you would be able to stay calm around her either. Damn, who the hell writes so much about a secondary character…

While Ains Ooal Gown is the main focus of the show and of course Albedo stands out, the others are pretty strong too. In a lot of shows like this, you get typical archetypes that you would call generic but these characters all have strong personalities of their own. There are also remnants of the other players who you do not see but their presence is left by the creations they left behind.

From start to end, Overlord is impeccable. The opening and closing songs, the artstyle, the plot, everything was done well. The team who put this show together hit it out of the park. The show never felt rushed or too slow at any point. Everything you would find in an actual MMORPG is in place from the Great Tomb of Nazarick to a quaint little village and everything in between. Other shows claim to be based on MMOs but they don’t stay true to the nature of the MMO. Towards the end of the show, Ains Ooal Gown is even seen using cash store items. There is one thing they could have left out, and that’s the “king” of the forest. I won’t blow up that part but when you get to that episode you’ll see what I mean.

For me, it’ll be an ongoing debate whether Overlord or Gangsta was the top show of the summer 2015 season and Rokka is up there too. If I was really forced to choose one then I guess it might be Overlord. This show was almost non stop action as soon as things got going. If you haven’t checked out Overlord yet, why not? Go. Go now. Go watch it right now. Are you still here? Why? Go watch Overlord right now.



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