Working!!! (Wagnaria!!!)

By now everyone should know about Working/Wagnaria. One of the funny workplace comedies from recent years. This is my review/preview of the first 2 seasons.

This season of Working!!! saw the show go in different directions from before. Some of the storylines were kind of obvious from the outside looking in but they took some of those and brought them full circle. You will see relationships moving forward and some people with a connected past being brought together. (Can’t give you too much info.)

Everything that you saw in the first two seasons of working have remained the same. The art, music and style are all the same with the exception of the opening and ending sequence of course. The level of quality remains the same, it’s as if there was never a hiatus at all.

It looks like Working is coming to an end though there are still some stories they can tell. And in the season of “kick in the nuts” anime, Working did it too. After the 13th episode, we got notification that there is a one hour special coming named Lord of the Takanashi. Looks like it’s going to be in a fantasy type RPG setting.  They did end the 13th on kind of a cliffhanger so it’s the perfect lead-in. This season was more for tying some loose ends and it was pretty much more of the same as before. So if you like Working! then you’ll like this season too.



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