Ladies versus Butlers! (Redi×Bato!)

I wanted a change of pace so I decided to re-watch Ladies vs Butlers. The name is kind of deceiving but if you’re a harem anime fan then stick around until the end.

Akihiro Hino lost his parents when he was young and was adopted by his uncle. Instead of being a burden to his uncle, he decided to enroll in a boarding school as a butler, Hakureiryou high school. His first day is where all the problems start for him. Tomomi Saikyo, his childhood ‘friend’ is waiting to greet him but he inadvertently runs into Selnia Iori Flameheart. When Akihiru ignores Selnia, they get into a disagreement. I won’t call it a fight since she was the instigator and he was trying to avoid her. This meeting lead to Akihiru being chased all over campus by Selnia and through random events, other girls join the chase. This is only the start of Akihiru’s schooling at Hakureiryou high school. Trying to learn to be a butler while being around upper class girls who are afraid of him because his appearance, it’s not easy being Akihiru.

The 3 characters that the show revolves around are Akihiru, Tomomi and Selnia. Akihiru is one of you usual clueless guys who doesn’t realize what’s going on with the females in his life. He really doesn’t stand out in any way but the girls surely do. Tomomi is a childhood friend (not a harem without one) who used to torment Akihiru and still messes with him while they’re going to school too. She may seem two faced but she thinks she’s just having fun with a childhood friend. Selnia is the scene steaker in this show. She’s one of my favorite anime characters. Akihiru calls her “Drills” because her ridiculously massive ringlet hair style. When she is mad, embarassed or upset you see her hair react as if it’s drilling like the pic below. She’s a stuck up princess who does relent later on but when she’s part of the scene she’s stealing it. Selnia is definitely the character that stands out the most in this show and the most entertaining. Yes, someone does ask her if she can pierce the heavens with her drills (Gurren Lagann reference for those who don’t know.)

There are other characters who play a big role but they’re definitely in the background. Akihiru’s roommate has a pretty big role for a side character and these 2 sisters who are basically comedy relief. One of them is a big contributor to the ecchi part of the show. They do use the side characters on a regular basis for the full 12 episodes.

                                                              Check out those massive ringlets.

Everything about the show is fitting of a harem show. The art is pretty good, the sound and music fit well but there is nothing that stands out. Harems shows aren’t known for having high budgets or adding more into them then they need to.

While the show doesn’t change much about the harem genre, kind of hard to do that at this point…the show was worth a few laughs. Or a lot of laughs depending on your sense of humor. I’d say this one is in the upper half of the harem shows. So if you’re a harem fan and want a few laughs then check it out. On the dub for this one, I’d say they did an excellent job.


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