Prison School (Purizun Sukūru)

The summer 2015 season had a few shows that got everyone’s attention for their visuals and hints at what they may be about. SHIMONETA, Gangsta and Prison School were the ones that were getting the most attention and not for all good reasons. Though I have to say that all 3 were very good in their own ways.

Hachimitsu Academy is one of the strictest girls only academies in Tokyo and they decided to start admitting boys into the system on a probationary basis. On the first day of school, Kiyoshi notices that him and his 4 friends Shinjo, Joe, Andre and Gakuto are the only males who were admitted into the school of about 1000 girls. What they don’t know is that there are very arcane laws which are basically corporal punishment for even the slightest of infractions. If they go against these laws of the school, they will be confined to an on grounds prison.

Of course the show wouldn’t have it’s title if they didn’t end up in prison. A series of perverted accidents gets the crew arrested and they have 2 choices. Expulsion or stay for a month in the school’s prison. The prison is on the school grounds and they’re segregated from the rest of the school. While in prison they have to do menial tasks like cleaning toilets and taking care of gym and/or track related needs of the girls. The ones who are enforcing this punishment are the Underground Student Council. Mari, the president of the council, Meiko, the vice president and the one who has the job of keeping track of the boys and Hana. Each of them provides their own form of punishment, and believe me when I say they get punished. It’s brutal.

No matter what happens in this show or who takes center stage for the day, Meiko is the true star of the show. She is everywhere and obviously you can’t miss her. I know a few women who are as endowed as her but when you see her in that outfit it’s like DAAAAAAAMN. That could be good or bad, depending on your preference I guess. She is also a master of BDSM it seems. She is strong as an ox, carries a riding crop, she even takes care of the fetish seekers with facesitting scenes and other scenes of perverse nature. The rest of the prison crew is present but Meiko is omnipresent.

The production on Prison School is strong in almost every way possible. There was one thing that I couldn’t figure out though. How the hell do the songs go with the show? I got used to the opening song, as it got closer to the end, it had that gritty prison feeling but the one at the end still doesn’t make sense to me. It seems to be a trend with some of the grittier shows having songs that I consider weak at the backend.  The dub of the show is just as strong as the sub though I’m not a fan of Andre’s voice. He sounds like he has issues but he does look like he has issues so maybe it’s fitting. Just seemed kind of weird when I first heard him talk.

Prison School always felt like that accident on the highway that EVERYONE stops to look at because how over the top some of the stuff was, especially anything that involved Meiko. If you want ecchi, violence, over the top antics with a decent plot but ridiculous ways of going about it then you’ll love Prison School. At first I wasn’t sure but became a fan after 2-3 episodes.



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