For some reason I stopped watching the show. It wasn’t because I didn’t like the show. I think it was because Crunchyroll decided to pull it’s app from OUYA for no logical reason yet they released it for Wii which has been dead for a while but I digress. Yes I stream my stuff through the OUYA, rather do that then watch on a laptop. On with the show…

RWBY takes place in a world called Remnant. It’s a world filled with supernatural forces, shadowy creatures known as ‘Creatures of Grimm’ and also high tech weaponry. Prior to the events of the series, mankind fought a battle of survival against the Creatures of Grimm before they discovered an element called Dust. Dust allowed the humans to fight back because it’s what powers their abilities and also their weapons. Where the story for the show comes in is the training of new hunters and huntresses to help in the battle against the Creatures of Grimm. Beacon Academy in the city of Vale is where they come together to learn and train their abilities, this is where they meet the others who will be battling alongside them.

I want to say the 4 main characters but there are a few others who get a lot of attention too. They had a series Red vs. Blue which after the season 10 finale, rolled out the preview for ‘Red’ aka Ruby. She’s the main protagonist of the show and she can be a bit…overbearing to some people. She’s immature but most of them are since they are teenagers but her voice may irk people. Not the actual voice but the fast talking and a lot of it. She’s kind of like a ‘valley girl’, several of the girls are actually. The 2nd trailer was ‘White’ aka Weiss. She’s a princess and acts the part all the way through, not very likable. The ‘Black’ trailer was actually released at PAX East and was the first with voice acting. Odd that they went that way when she’s the least talkative of the crew. Last but not least was ‘Yellow’, she’s Ruby’s sister Yang. That’s where RWBY comes from, the first letter of the names of the protagonists. The music from these trailers was sold for digital download. There are several other characters in the show who have major roles and each has a different and distinct personality.

I don’t know what to say on production because it does have some faults but nothing to stop you from enjoying the show. It’s done in Poser Pro which is not common obviously. It’s a first for anime. Looking at it from a creative viewpoint, it’s damned creative. No one can deny that. The music for the show is some of the best music for anime. The opening songs are so fitting for the show, it’s like the show was built around the music and not the other way around. The ending of episodes will usually feature one of the characters in silhouette form and a song which is significant since the RWBY soundtrack was a big hit. I know nothing of Hunger Games and not looking to learn or even want to know but RWBY took the #1 spot on iTunes over it. A few episodes ended with fan art so that’s a nice little connection to their community. It’s something that some of the big companies are doing and to see it done here shows that they aren’t just throwing something out there and hoping for the best. They can read the market.

In 2014, RWBY won two awards that show that someone is paying attention. It won Best Animated Series at the International Academy of Web Television Awards and also Best Original Score and Best Animated Series at the Streamy Awards. So people are noticing the show and giving it some credit.

While there are people who hate the show for no apparent reason or ridiculous reasons like it was done in America and shipped to Japan instead of the other way around, the show has proven it’s worth. It’s won awards, it was able to be the first one to go from here to Japan, there’s a manga being done and on and on and on. While it’s not perfect, RWBY gets a lot of it’s hate from people who think they’re like gods of anime and their word is all that matters. One day people will learn that not everyone has to like what they like. I will always take creativity over some random bland crap any day. Another one that took a big chance like this was Karen Senki. At least Oum and Rooster Teeth had the balls to try and achieve what most people only dream of. Anyway, I like the show, in case that wasn’t obvious.


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