Samurai Harem! (Asu no Yoichi!)

Samurai Harem is one of those shows where you see the promo and say “maybe I’ll watch later” and then forget. There was nothing that stood out about it back then and nothing that really stands out about it now.

Yoichi is a samurai who has been living in the mountains perfecting his craft. One day his father sends him to strengthen his spirit with the Ikaruga family in the city because he had nothing left to teach him. There is a dojo which practices his Samurai style lead by Ibuki Ikaruga and this is where Yoichi is sent to continue his learning but not in the ways of the samurai. Yoichi needs to learn about things that are more practical like electronics, clothing, school and not getting killed by Ibuki. While he’s in the city he has other martial artists coming after him so that their style can become the preeminent style over the Ukiha Divine Wind Style Swordplay. A wayward samurai in the city, nothing can go wrong there right?

The characters just don’t grab you except maybe 1 or 2 of the females like Ibuki who is the main female in this show. Ibuki is a caring, violent caretaker who takes care of her siblings. The main character Yoichi is so blah…There’s usually something you like about a lead character, whatever it may be but I can’t find anything about him that I like, he is beyond bland. Half of the time the other characters call him Samurai so maybe they can’t even stand him. When you have people who are interesting in you calling you ‘Samurai’ then you know you got issues. Washizu is kind of funny, if this show was dubbed his role would probably be filled by Ian Sinclair, the man who’s everywhere. At least he would add some character to the show but this is never getting dubbed. Unless it was and I missed it somehow, I’ve seen worse get dubbed.

In terms of production, this show doesn’t have anything that stands out about it. The music is bland, there is no plot, visuals are bland. People will have issues with the super deformed being used all the time. They drop to super deformed a lot in this show, though those are probably some of the funnier parts of the show.

This show is barely an okay harem show. Barely. It has all the trappings of a good harem but doesn’t deliver. I couldn’t recommend this even to a person who likes bad harems. Maybe you’ll watch it and think differently but I say pass.


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