Death Parade (Desu Parēdo)

Death Parade is the full season show made off the Death Billiards OVA. Death Parade continues the same plotline except with more characters and situations.

When a human dies, who decides whether they go to heaven or hell? Well there is a bar known as the Quindecim which has a little to do with that decision. When 2 people die at the same time, they end up there, though they are unaware of heir death. As people learn of their fate, they try to leave Quindecim and that’s when the game begins.

Decim is the bartender of the bar, Quindecim, that’s between heaven and hell. Decim offers those who arrive, a way to exit the bar. As a matter of fact, it’s the ONLY way to exit the bar. The parties who are there because they lost their lives must choose a game by using a roulette wheel but there’s a twist. As the game progresses and you get closer to the end, you start having flashbacks of your death and some games cause pain as you fall behind the other player. These games decide if you go to hell or you have a change to go to heaven and/or be reincarnated.

The art in this show is top notch, the music too. I guess that since Death Billiards was well received, the funding was there to make the series. The first opening sequence was a different take from Death Billiards for sure and the ending too. Decim dancing and smiling? Anyone who has seen Death Billiards knows why this is strange.

This is definitely one of my favorites shows and I’d recommend it to anyone, especially a fan of psychological thriller type shows. This show delves into the human psyche without telling you it is. It shows the true nature of humans and what may go through their heads as their life may be winding down. If your life is on the line against another human being, possibly even a loved one…what would you do? Would you press the button that ends their life?




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