Air Gear (Ea Gia)

Air Gear is dated due to what the subject matter is but that doesn’t take away from the show. Air Treks (roller blades) are sweeping the nation and ‘gangs’ are being formed around Air Treks for control of territory. Itsuki (Ikki) a ‘tough’ middle school kid who lives with his 4 sisters knew nothing about Air Treks until he has his ass handed to him by a ‘gang’ called the Storm Riders. So Ikki started to pick up Air Treks and building his own gang which leads to many adventures and secrets about the people around him.

The show’s presentation is kind of average but around that time it was probably one of the better ones. I give them bonus points for the music though. Definitely caught the vibe and atmosphere of the show with the music which a lot of shows are missing. The reason others are missing it though are because these damned production committees and they need to get their artists on or whatever but they should consider the show too when the music is produced.

I think I ended up liking this show more than I expected. I never thought roller blades or anything like that was cool so to like a show about it seemed impossible but they did a decent job with this one. I could live without the toilet humor though. When will people learn that toilet humor is NOT funny. Anyway, it’s a nice little show with 2 ‘seasons’ (25 episodes) worth of episodes to check out or at least what they call seasons now.


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