Aki Sora

One of the first things you’ll notice about Aki Sora is the tags I gave it. Yes I hit it with the Hentai and Incest tags. I’ll get into that a little later. But not much later since Aki Sora is only a 3 episode OVA.

Sora is a teenage boy who alway would say “I love you” to his older sister. Seems harmless so far right? But as he gets older, he finds it harder to say those words to his sister. Still seems like a normal teenage boy right? One day his sister Aki decides to show her feelings towards him and they go beyond a sister/brother bond. Sora was questioning what was going on but then he gave in to emotion. Of course society wouldn’t understand so they kept this secret love to themselves. But Sora has a twin sister who seems to be in love with a girl who seems to be in love with Sora. Add these two to the mix and you get one wild ride.

I had no clue what this was when I went in. Wiki or some site made it seem like it may be an ecchi but this is basically porn if you ask me. May be softcore porn I guess? Something you’d see on Cinemax at night? Either way, it’s not your typical ecchi. While they don’t show some things or try to be discrete, they still show some things that you don’t find in an ecchi. Now that’s not to say it’s something like Swing Out Sisters which really surprised me because I also didn’t know what that was when I watched it but it’s still some form of porn when compared to other things. Definitely not as graphic as Swing Out but it does have it’s moments.

If I knew what this was before I watched it then I probably wouldn’t have watched it. It’s one of those links that came up when I was looking at another link, type of things so I watched. Unfortunately you can’t unwatch something but this would qualify as one I’d unwatch. Just didn’t feel right watching incest and what is more softcore porn than an anime. Maybe it’s your thing but it isn’t mine so if it is your thing then ignore my low rating. The presentation is good if that means anything. If you have an hour to kill and a burning desire to see it then go right ahead bt don’t expect deep story lines or anything like that.


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