Sky Wizard’s Academy (Kūsen Madōshi Kōhosei no Kyōkan)

This is a show from summer 2015 which started off like your typical ecchi. A guy runs into a girl and ends up seeing skin or panties or lands in an awkward situation with the usually most tsundere character of the cast and this was no different. But the show is much more than just ecchiness, it really didn’t have that much ecchi.

In Sky Wizard’s Academy, humanity was driven to the brink of extinction by magical armored insects and now live in floating cities. What defends these floating cities are wizards who can combat this menace. There is an academy located on Misutogan where our story takes place. Kanata Age is the former elite of a special team that protects Misutogan but now he is known as a traitor and to stick it to him, he’s given the role of instructor of a group of misfits who have been defeated over and over. Kanata’s job is to get them to work together and become a competent team which is much harder than expected due to the personality clashes.

The main characters are a band of misfits. Kanata Age is labelled as a traitor by his fellow classmates due to an incident that happened in the past. Misora, Lecty and Rico are underclassmen and failures but for different reasons. Lecty is a sweet, shy character who gets flustered when she’s close to anyone, she pretty much just falls in line with everyone else when it comes to decisions. Rico is a tsundere who wants to lead but may not be adequate for it. She doesn’t know how to use her weapon effectively or take control of the team. Misora is a unique one who believes she doesn’t have to get her hands dirty but considers herself to be the best or the queen where she doesn’t need to take part in the exercises.

When it comes to production value, this show is pretty strong. Everything around the show is pretty smooth from front to back. The visuals are sharp for the most part but of course there were minor issues here and there but that can be said of almost every show these days.

This show is very similar to Gunslinger Stratos if you ask me. That’s neither good or bad really. It doesn’t do anything to change the formula of these type of shows but it’s a solid piece of work. It’s a show that I might watch again at some time but not rushing to go watch, though I do want to watch the dubs. Saw the first episode of the dubs and as usual Funimation delivered the goods.



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