Dragonar Academy (Seikoku no Doraguna)

Dragonar Academy was recently dubbed and I decided to check it out. I never watched it the first time around so this was a new one for me.

It takes place in a land of dragons and breeders. The breeders are chosen by the mother dragon. The mother dragon chooses who she deems worthy and brands them with a mark known as a Seikoku (star brand). These star brands would be like a normal sized tattoo these days but Ash is branded with a massive full sleeve like brand. Over time the dragons will manifest to their breeders. The issue for Ash is that his has not appeared yet while everyone else at the academy has their dragon. This makes Ash “The Problem Child”, he can control other dragons but doesn’t have one of his own.

Ash isn’t without a dragon for very long but his dragon manifests in human form. She has the traits of a dragon but just doesn’t look like one. Ash and his new dragon have to learn how to get along while he learns to rides dragons and everything else needed to be a dragon breeder.

The issues I have with this show is the loli crap. I’m sorry I can’t do the loli thing and this show has a naked loli almost every episode. Sure they show one of the women a few times in certain situations but not full on loli naked like the others. It’s not cute people. Besides that, the show is just bland. The plot is a retread with a different look but that’s not all that bad since it’s been done before. It’s the execution of the plot. Just blah.

This show just seems ordinary, nothing special. The naked lolis hold no appeal to me at all and never will. There just isn’t much to the show, even the premise is kind of ordinary. It started out with a lot of potential then fizzled. It’s one you can pass on but if you’re a harem fan then maybe it will fill your needs but even the harem is a little on the light side.



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