Kagaku na Yatsura

I don’t even know where to begin with this one. It’s a one shot OVA of about 22 minutes or so. Known as a “science trouble” romantic comedy. This came with one of the volume’s of the manga.

You get a very brief introduction to the situation when it jumps right into a scene with Komaba Haruki and his female friends. You have a cyborg named Airi and a half dog girl named Ayana, assuming they are this way due to experiments they’ve done on themselves since Ayana kind of hints at it. Right away you notice some BIG differences in the two but both are after Komaba in their own way. Ayana is a very very very well developed girl who is sweet to a fault. So sweet that she doesn’t even realize that she should be on the offensive when it comes to Komaba, sometimes she even roots for Airi. Airi is very tsundere-y and much more direct to a degree. You can at least tell she is after Komaba where with Ayana it’s not always so obvious. But there is another player in this, Ayana’s sister who is also as developed as Ayana, if not more. She stands up for Ayana’s side of this love triangle and tries to get her to realize she needs to be more forceful.

The show takes you through a few science-y situations which were a means to show off their prowess. Since it’s ecchi, there is that part of the equation too and there is a lot of it. Might even cross into the hentai realm since we’re talking about lactation. I guess they didn’t fully cross that line but they come damned close if they didn’t. I’ll leave that up to you to decide.

Beyond that, I can’t say anything else without blowing up the whole show. It’s just a haremy ecchi romp to the finish. In my eyes, it just wasn’t good. If you had them battling back and forth for him for a few episodes then maybe you have something because this was just one rushed episode which gives you no beginning and no ending.


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