Lances N’ Masques (Ransu Ando Masukusu)

Where do I begin with this one. It’s a typical story of a maiden in distress, kind of. A little girl is saved by a kid who thinks he’s a knight. Of course this little girl looks up to the knight and wants to marry him some day. The show is about the little girl’s daily life and the knight continuing to try to be her personal knight.

The characters in this show are horrible. Starting from the art, down to the personalities. Look at the characters, they all have the same egg like heads and the hair isn’t too much different either. It became hard to tell who’s who unless they had a REALLY different look. The personalities are just so cliched. There was not one character who stood out in the show as special or someone that you could truly root for besides the main character who you’re supposed to root for.

Even the music and everything else around the show is just ordinary. The intro and outro could use less of the sexualization of the little girl character but Japan loves that loli crap. I hate trashing a show like this since there are a lot of people behind it and their livelihoods are on the line but this show is just not good in any way.

This had to be one of the worst I’ve watched and I mean worst. I can’t even think of anything positive to say about it at all. If you want to watch it then go ahead but I warned you…


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