One Punch Man (Wanpanman)

One Punch Man is the show that seemed to quietly sneak up on people. I, myself, gave up on the show after an episode or 2 but when I kept seeing it trending on Twitter and everyone talking about it, I just had to get back in. Though it took someone saying One Punch Man was his Food Wars. Food Wars is the show that I described as one that I didn’t want to watch but something kept drawing me back in.

Yes, as the name suggests, there’s a man and one punch involved. He can win any fight in one punch basically and that’s what caused me to stop watching BUT there is much more to the show than that. Saitama the main protagonist becomes bored with his super ability and the lack of recognition that he gets for saving humanity. This starts his search for a more normal life until he meets a Cyborg named Genos who sees his as some kind of god.

Saitama became on of the most popular characters of the season though he was kind of lackluster. Genos has very little personality but he’s the comedic foil in a lot of cases. These two characters basically are a superpowered comedy duo. The show relies on some bad comedy and terrible misunderstandings but that’s kind of what makes this show popular. Saitama and Genos aren’t the smartest characters but their interactions will make you laugh.

Production value will seem high at some points and low in others but that’s how it’s meant to look. They use a deformed style in some situations which makes things look sloppy or lazy to someone who may not know about anime styles or the origin of One Punch Man. Sometimes the art will look slick and then transform into what looks like a kid drew it. One Punch Man started as a webcomic with bad art, even the creator said so. Then someone came along and cleaned it up and made it into a manga which blew away the original. Elements of both are seen in the show. The scenery and dynamic use of background in both are great. The music and sound in this show are very good. Everything meshes well together.

If you’re up for some bad comedy with action then One Punch Man is for you. And just in case you’re wondering if there will be a season 2, the creator wants one and there are rumors that there will be a second season, possibly this winter.


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