Burn Up

Burn Up is a cop comedy similar to a buddy cop movie like Lethal Weapon and Bad Boys. The only difference is a female team of cops is the lead.

Burn Up is a one hour OVA about three cops, though it seems like two cops and an assistant. Maki, Reimi and Yuka definitely don’t look like cops since they’re stuck on desk duty and they’re actually traffic patrol cops. Things change when Yuka gets kidnapped by a white slave trade operation and Maki and Reimi jump in to action in their skin tight armor and tanks.

This show is typical of an 80s over the top cop drama/comedy. If you watch it then you will definitely feel the nostalgia. This OVA feels very movielike in it’s appearance and presentation. The show is from 2001 so don’t expect slick visuals or anything like that. It looks like any anime from the late 90s to the early 2000s.

If you’re a fan of buddy cops shows then this one will definitely fill the bill. There are sequels in Burn Up W and Burn Up Excess and then a retelling of the story with Burn Up Scramble. So there is a lot more Burn Up after the original OVA.


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