Burn Up W

Burn Up W takes place some time after Burn Up but I don’t recall them mentioning a year or anything. The show is back but with an all new cast of characters and a few vintage characters.

Burn Up W is a 4 episode OVA which starts off with a ‘simple’ crime then moves onto a 2 episode crime. But all 4 episodes are tied into each other in some way so it’s not like 4 separate missions. A new crime syndicate is trying to take over Policetown and Maki with her new team are trying to stop them.

The characters are what made the first OVA stand out but here they aren’t as dynamic. Maki is back in a way but she’s not the same hot tempered, gun toting maniac. She’s a more business like character here with a new group of people under her. This new crew just isn’t the same at all. They feel like they’re lacking in personality even though they’re still over the top like the first OVA.

There’s a step up in production from the original but the show just doesn’t hit like the original Burn Up! OVA. I don’t know what to say here but you may like this one if you liked the original but don’t try to compare the two.

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