Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon

Guess I’m going to read more of Cool’s manga before I get back to writing my own. Who can resist a title with ‘maid dragon’ in it? In the closing of the first chapter, Cool actually tells the story of how this manga came about. I won’t spoil it for you though.

I’m sure you’ve heard the age old story of a woman getting drunk off her ass and climbing a mountain to find a dragon, right? Well that’s how Kobayashi and Tooru meet. I don’t know how many people climb mountain after getting drunk but Kobayashi did and there she meets Tooru in dragon form, I guess because she was drunk, she wasn’t scared. Not realizing what she said when she was drunk, she invited Tooru to live with her.

Tooru actually can take human form and becomes Kobayashi’s maid but she has a lot to learn about being human. Tooru even though she’s a dragon and has an issue with wanting to kill humans by instinct, is actually a kind, caring dragon who falls in love with Kobayashi. Tooru even uses a line that should be familiar to some of you when Kobayashi asks her to do something. She says ‘Tooru Can’t Decline’, which isn’t the first time he cross referenced one of his works. Kobayashi is a cold, loner office worker who now has the task of teaching Tooru to be human. Along the way, other dragons from Tooru’s realm pop up like little Kanna, a shut in named Fafnir and Lucoa who seems to be a goddess or something. There are also witches, warlocks and others too who play minor roles in their many adventures. Don’t worry, the book isn’t only about Tooru becoming a maid, there’s outings, Comiket, dodgeball and other things with a comedic angle.

Like Cool’s other works, this is a light read with short chapters. If you’re one who is touchy for lack of a better word, there is some covert lesbianism from Tooru and Kanna. They don’t just love their counterparts like a pet or something, they’re actually in love. This is one I thoroughly enjoyed and can’t wait for the next chapters. If you like this one then Mononoke Sharing with be another one you should pick up. A girl moves in with 5 yokai because she needs a place that cheap.


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