Metsuko ni Yoroshiku

Still running down the library of Cool. Metsuko ni Yoroshiku is one that couldn’t get into. The protagonist is a fighter with a hair trigger and those characters usually have no depth. This one isn’t too much different. She’s the neighborhood delinquent and seems to be the toughest one there. Of course she gets to have a friend so she isn’t a completely one sided character.

The character always gets weird looks, called fat and so on which she is actually but it seems to just play to the stereotype instead of just being the character. I don’t know how to word that better…it sounded better in my head.

The story isn’t too far along so there’s hopefully a lot more to the story. If I remember right, I believe it was 9 chapters or something and left on a cliffhanger. This one isn’t a 4koma gag manga like most of the others though there is gag stuff in there. Maybe it’s just me but this one just didn’t hook me.


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