Choas; Head

Those eyes, who’s are they…you may have heard this line before, that’s because Chaos;Head is in a line of shows that all use that line. Stein’s; Gate, Robotics’ Note and I’m sure Stein’s; Gate 0 and Chais; Child will use that line too.

Chaos; Head takes place in 2008 (yes it’s relevant to the 3 shows and where they fall in the timeline). Takumi is a high school student and an extreme otaku who is living in an unconventional way, in a shipping container with a 2D delusion from hs head as his main companion. One day he hears about murders known as “New Gen murders” but he dismisses it because it doesn’t concern him, or so he thought. He is mysteriously pulled into the center of the occurrences which he believes to be delusions but soon his delusions and reality clash and now he has to figure out what’s going on before his world comes to a halt.

The characters have no depth but that’s hard to do in a show with an end of the world future. Takumi is an extreme otaku with serious delusions so at least he’s a little different than the typical lead but he still has things about him that are typical. The girls pretty much fall in line with tropes and are kind of overbearing.

On the production side it’s just an average show, average art, music, plot. There really isn’t anything that stands out here. It actually looks more like the visual novel than a show. Felt like I should be waiting for a choice to pop up and ironically at the end of the show they have a continue screen pop up.

While Chaos;Head was a letdown for me, it still isn’t THAT bad for a harem show. The other two shows in the line, I would recommend but this one is just okay. Stein’s; Gate and Robotics; Note are shows I’d recommend. Stein’s; Gate is getting a sequel which Takumi may appear in and Chaos; Head is getting a sequel Chaos; Child which takes place a few years after this one.


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