K-On!! (Keion!!)

I watched the first one so definitely had to watch the second. I’m a guy who tries to watch everything in it’s entirety plus it’s a Kyoto show. I like the way that Kyoto works from their employment tactics to the end product. Not many animation studios are like them and if I’m lucky enough to get my manga turned into an anime, they’re at the top of the wishlist. Anyway….

But ‘Switch, isn’t it just more cute girls being cute? Partially, yes. K-On’s premise is based on the light music club forming, getting people to join, etc. It’s not different from any other slice of life , school show really. The humor is not of the outrageous Seitokai Yakuindomo type, it’s more light humor and the girls personalities. Like Yui who is lazy and goofy or Mugi who’s the rich girl but in this case she isn’t some overbearing tsundere, she’s actually sweet, caring and in this season she seems to be the center of a lot of the humor instead of just the girl who gets the tea.

The show pretty much kept the same look and feel of the first season which, while not perfect, works for what the show is. It’s a comedy, slice of life show so they don’t need super glossy visuals or anything. The theme songs like the first season were very fitting and they animated the opening and ending sequences to match as if the girls are performing the songs. Like I said, it’s not perfect but it’s solid and consistent and for that they get an A.

If you liked the first season then you’ll like this one too. It’s more of the same humor though it’s funnier in the second season. This isn’t a show that falls apart in it’s second season like most. Most second seasons don’t get 26 episodes either. It’s just a wholesome, clean comedy without all the frills but solidly put together.


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