Love, Chunnibyou & Other Delusions! (Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai)

Love, Chunnibyou & Other Delusions! is a show that gets high marks from many people. It’s a romantic comedy with a heavy emphasis on the comedy side. If you know the quality that Kyoto Animation brings to the table then you know what you’re in for.

Season 1 brings us into the story where Yuuta who used to suffer from chunnibyou comes in contact with a girl who is going through it. Rikka is seen as an odd outcast that no one should be around but Yuuta ends up forming a contract with her. Yuuta’s new ordinary life is now going to be turned upside down by this event. While the families seem to be trying to pull them apart, Yuuta is committed to following through on his contract. This is only the beginning of Yuuta and Rikka’s adventures with an oddball cast of characters going along for the ride.

In season 2, Yuuta and Rikka end up living together in secret. It wasn’t something that was planned but they just deal with the situation and roll with it. While Yuuta and Rikka try to figure out how to advance their relationship, an old playmate of Yuuta’s appears. Satone Shichimiya, the reason for Yuuta’s chunnibyou moves into their building and becomes entangled in their relationship. This causes many misunderstandings and situations where Yuuta and Rikka have to hope their bond is strong enough to persevere.

The characters are where this one shines.  Yuuta is more self aware than most male leads which is great though he has the usual trouble with women but most guys are like that as teenagers so he gets a pass there. His friend Makoto is his comic foil. He has a decent role but the focus of the show is the girls. The object of his desires is Kumin and he does silly things to try to get her attention. Then you have the females Rikka, Kumin, Sanae and Shinka. Rikka is an extreme case of chunnibyou and it’s because of her antics that Yuuta has the most trouble. She actually ends up with a disciple named Sanae who gets the whole next section of this post to herself. Kumin is sweeter than sweet and more innocent than a person should be allowed to be. Shinka is the resident tsundere who has chunni tendencies but trues to hide it like they all do. Kumin is the only one in the group who isn’t chunni from the start. There are other side characters who play a big role in the show like Rikka’s sister.

Sanae has to be one of the most ridiculous characters ever but she is funny as hell. She will probably make you laugh one way or another when she is on the screen. Whether it be from something funny or something just flat out dumb. When she swings her hair like weapons, you just have to laugh. Some people were actually bitching about her because I guess she’s not in the manga (I haven’t read it) but who the hell cares. Movies, shows and all that go through changes before they are finally produced. Sanae is one of my favorite characters so screw anyone who doesn’t like her. That’s my thoughts on the matter anyway.

Anything done by Kyoto Animation is going to have top notch animation and be put together as well as an anime could be. From the opening to the end, the show is about perfect in terms of production. Of course there may be one or two minor mistakes but Kyoto carefully crafts everything. I can’t think of one thing I want to touch on for the production side.

This show is ridiculously funny and should be on anyone’s list. Kyoto Animation just knows how to put a show together. I can’t think of one of their shows that I didn’t like though there are a few that I still haven’t seen yet. When I see their name attached to something then I know the quality is going to be good. So yes I recommend this one.


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