God Eater is FINALLY Back

So God Eater is back and looks as good as it did before but how is the content? Well God Eater is a good looking show with great music but some episodes were lacking. It was like one week up and one week down…when it actually aired. The first 9 episodes were on last spring but you would get an episode and then the next might be delayed for 2 weeks. it was not a good showing for God Eater but it was moved around because special events and other random things.

Episode 10 was a major flashback episode which to me lacked something. It just didn’t feel like the same show. But episode 11 was an A. Might be the best episode so far. God Eater was scheduled for 13 episodes so there’s only 2 more left. Though with all the time that has passed, most people probably need to go back and watch the first 9.


  1. I just powered through the first ten episodes over the weekend. Needed something with action that I didn’t need to think to much about. I was hoping that 11 was the start of a new season, but I guess not.

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